St. Jude’s Polytechnic College has well equipped laboratories according to DOTE which are constantly upgraded and maintained with latest instruments so as to impart quality practical training to the students. Furthermore our excellencing is shown from First Year.

The Civil department has well qualified faculty members and excellent advanced laboratory facilities. Students gain practical experience from field visits to the construction sites, dams, irrigation structures etc. The Mechanical Engineering has well equipped laboratories used and facilitated under expert guidance. Students acquire knowledge from real experience by the way of advance technology of Lab, CNC Machine which provide student extent knowledge of practical according to DOTE and extra knowledge.

In ECE, Computer Science, EEE have advance technology of Lab based on DOTE. These departments have shown continuous care and strenuous effort over students and extracted good academic results from students.

Our college gives extra effort for lab facilities. It is seen by the effort and Intelligence of our outgoing students. The scenario provides for a clear and coherent menu of distribution requirements, which directly match learning goal and express the education mission of the college with succinctness and intentionality.